About Rockwell Collins’ ARINC

Rockwell Collins acquired ARINC Inc. in 2013 in a move to expand into the commercial aviation sector. Leveraging industry-leading aviation communications experience, and strengthening a global aviation community has led to the emergence of a giant in the industry, moving forward into the future of aviation with Next-Gen applications that cover every area of commercial and business aviation – from communications to avionics and Flight Management Systems.

The history of ARINC

With the emergence of commercial air travel in the late 1920s, airlines of the day needed a communications provider to rely on. Appointed by the Federal Radio Commission (later known as the FCC) as the sole licensee, ARINC was born.

Today, through Rockwell Collins’ ARINC acquisition, we continue to support the commercial aviation industry, in addition to the U.S. military, by creating unique, versatile innovations designed to be as optimally reliable, secure, efficient and cost effective as possible.

ARINC designed and developed the Aircraft Communications, Addressing & Reporting System, commonly known as ACARS for release in 1974. The innovative, revolutionary system quickly became the industry standard and is still in use today, leading the way for improved data link communications capabilities.

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From the first air-to-ground communications and global data link systems to revolutionary battlefield visibility, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC is built on meeting the needs of our customers delivering exactly what they need, when they need it, anywhere in the world.

About AviSec messaging

With a history in the delivery of high-performance messaging services in the aviation industry spanning more than eight decades, AviSec is supported by a unique industry-leading reputation for excellence, innovation and pioneering ideology.

AviSec leverages the world’s largest private global network to consistently deliver messaging solutions at competitive prices. Border Management Systems rely upon mission-critical aviation data transfer to facilitate the most effective passenger screening possible and airlines must meet mandatory requirements efficiently without incurring penalties or ground delays.

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AviSec supports the two primary requirements of passenger intelligence:

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