AviSec Messaging Applications

AviSec Messaging Applications

Air Transport Security

Every aviation operator within the industry has a responsibility to assist in maintaining high standards of air transport security across the globe. Since 9/11, industry standards have tightened considerably to facilitate safe travel for passengers, airline staff and aircraft, in addition to improving security for ground-based operations worldwide.

Leveraging the most reliable platform to enhance aviation security

Hundreds of millions of passengers take to the air annually, boarding commercial and private aircraft for thousands of worldwide destinations. Advance Passenger Information (API) is an obligatory requirement of the U.S. and E.U. member states, with other government authorities around the world becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of lawful collection of API for the benefit of air transport security.

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Reliable API delivery, coupled with PNR transmission enables government departments and border agencies to effectively screen passengers in advance of departure in order to identify potentially high-risk passengers and safeguard airline security, while expediting low-risk passengers and minimizing ground delays.

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International passengers travelling to the U.S. must provide the information within 72 hours of departure, but U.S. passengers boarding internal flights often have information updated upon check-in, up to 30 minutes prior to boarding. API is transmitted, in these cases via Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) Batch Transmissions or in APIS Quick Query mode. It is therefore critical for the airline to maintain seamless reliability throughout its operations and transmission of airline passenger data, to enable air transport security measures to take place at the optimum requirement.

Why choose Rockwell Collins’ AviSec?

AviSec processes more than 23 million mission-critical messages for over 3,000 aviation customers every day, equating to more than half the world’s Type B messaging traffic.

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Our customers rely upon fast, accurate and secure connections and transmission of these crucial communications. Failure to transmit mandatory API can result in fines of up to $5,000 for airlines and as demands upon operators increase, it has never been more important to engage a reliable, proven system for this crucial messaging platform.

AviSec leverages the dependable AviNet messaging Wide Area Network with a long-standing, fifty year track record of successful, reliable aviation message handling. Secure flight passenger data is transmitted via Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), which requires this fast, accurate and secure connection to maintain air transport security and maximise effective border control.

AviSec messaging service offers aviation industry participants a reliable and cost-effective solution, with simplified billing and the lowest rates in the industry. Mission critical data transmission packages can be tailored to individual airline providers’ requirements for an entire commercial fleet or a single business executive jet aircraft, offering the same, industry-leading, seamlessly global operations services.

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