AviSec Messaging Applications

AviSec Messaging Applications

Authority to Carry Requests

The U.K. Home Office introduced the Authority to Carry Scheme in 2012 after consultation with global airlines, operators and border control agencies, in order to ensure further border security measures were in place.

Flat-rate solutions for Advance Passenger Information Exchange

The purpose of the scheme is to identify people who may pose a threat to security and to prevent them from travelling to and entering the U.K. Legislation changes were made to the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 and the scheme was launched.

The scheme requires the carriers to declare, via Authority to Carry Requests (ATC) passenger information in the form of Advance Passenger Information via the e-Borders system, allowing information to be transmitted and screened swiftly and effectively.

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iAPI enhanced aviation security measures

Using interactive Advance Passenger Information (iAPI) enables real-time screening of airline passenger data. Should the occasion arise that a passenger receives a ‘no-fly’ instruction, particularly in a last-minute decision, the carrier would remove the passenger from the manifest and the baggage from the aircraft for further investigation, which can result in ground delays for the airline.

What is iAPI?

It is therefore essential that Authority to Carry Requests are delivered in a timely manner in order to minimise the likelihood of delays, which can result in escalated costs for the carrier.

Why choose Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec?

The AviSec messaging solution is 100% reliable and is used every day to transmit millions of critical aviation data transfers for more than 3,000 aviation customers. Passenger data exchange is typically carried out within one second and gives airlines and operators the flexibility to manage secure flight passenger data seamlessly.

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Aviation messaging costs are typically unpredictable, making budgeting difficult. AviSec offers a unique pricing and billing structure tailored to individual requirements.

The commercial benefits of AviSec.

Following a free messaging audit, plans can be structured according to the needs of the operator and can offer the opportunity for passenger data transfer budgeting in the following ways:

  • Cost-per-flight
  • Total flat rate of iAPI
  • Flights per month (FPM)

Using the robust system architecture of the proven AviNet Wide Area Network, Rockwell Collins can deliver seamlessly secure flight passenger data on a global scale, ensuring mandatory obligations are met swiftly and reliably.

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