AviSec Messaging Applications

AviSec Messaging Applications

Aviation Data Transfer

Secure, reliable and timely aviation data transfer is essential for airlines and operators to maintain mandatory obligations and to enhance aviation security across the globe.

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API and PNR transmission in a secure environment

Prior to the introduction of data link, all aviation transmissions were performed over VHF or HF voice radio communications between ground crews and aircraft. To secure and streamline the system further, and to reduce flight crew workload, ARINC developed Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System, commonly known throughout the aviation industry as ACARS. Introduced in 1978, ACARS quickly became the standard means of air/ground communication.

What is aviation security data and why must it be transmitted?

Aviation data exists in many forms and delivers critical information for the facilitation of flight operations such as:

  • OOOI messages
  • NOTAMs
  • ATS communications
  • Weather Reporting

In addition, to meet modern mandatory border control obligations, airlines and operators must deliver:

It is critical that passenger data exchange occurs swiftly, reliably and with utmost security across a global network to prevent ground delays and to maintain secure border control. Governments and border agencies need to process and screen passenger information in order to negate the occurrence of the movement of potential high-risk or ‘no fly’ passengers, while expediting the processing system for those passengers who pose no threat to security.

Technical advantages of choosing AviSec messaging.

Aviation security software solutions for passenger data transfer

Increasing demands upon airports, airlines and operators for obligatory passenger data exchange has led to the advancement of airline operations software over the past few years. Providers are leveraging the latest technology in order to supply operators with the means to facilitate passenger data exchange across a secure network.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet global Wide Area Network has been in operation for more than 50 years and provides a secure and robust system architecture for the transmission of Type B messaging; the most swift and secure method of critical messaging delivery.

AviSec is a part of the Rockwell Collins ARINC Border Management Solution and supports a broad spectrum of IP protocols and legacy airline protocols, processing millions of aviation data transfers every day.

The unique pricing structure offers complete transparency for operators to effectively manage bottom line budgeting with the creation of tailored plans.

For further information, or to find out how much you can save on your aviation data transfer, while maintaining critical system security and seamless messaging reliability, contact us today.

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