AviSec Messaging Applications

AviSec Messaging Applications

Border Management Systems

The management of a country’s borders plays an integral role in national security, which can directly affect the economy, international reputation and ultimately, the safety of its people.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports technology and solutions work hand-in-hand with governments and border control agencies to ensure that border management systems are seamlessly effective in maintaining security while keeping passengers moving on the ground and in the air. Mandatory provision of secure flight passenger data is reliably and securely transmitted via the Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec application. Taking the form of Passenger Name Records (PNR) and Advance Passenger Information (API), passenger data transfer can take place typically within one second over a robust system architecture.

More information about secure flight passenger data.

Facilitating secure and effective aviation data transfer

AviSec messaging is relied upon for the transmission of airline passenger data by more than 3,000 global customers and contributes to the most effective passenger screening possible. Border Management Systems (BMS) from Rockwell Collins incorporate scalable, flexible integration that allows governments and border agencies to combine traveller screening, risk assessment through minute profiling and investigation and mandatory requirement of passenger data transfer.

Failure to transmit Advance Passenger Information can result in fines of up to $5,000 per passenger in addition to the cost for ground delays and missed slots if passengers are refused boarding rights and baggage is removed from the aircraft.

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Why choose AviSec messaging solution?

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec is seamlessly integrated into Border Management Systems and allows for passenger data exchange, including Authority to Carry Requests, over the robust system architecture of the global AviNet network - a proven environment in use for more than 50 years.

More information about Authority to Carry Requests.

Our service offers a unique pricing structure for our customers, tailored to each individual requirement. We deliver three methods of pricing, following a free messaging audit:

  • Price-per-flight
  • Cost for entire service
  • Flat-rate charge per month

Transparency for the cost of aviation data transfer is critical when performing budgeting tasks. Other providers charge on a cost-per-character basis, which makes the process unpredictable and almost impossible for airlines and operators to factor into a budget.

In order to facilitate streamlined passenger flow with minimum ground delays and maximum operational productivity, Border Management Systems must be fully integrated into airport operations, airline DCS and government departments.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec guarantees secure, reliable and swift transmission of airline passenger data – delivering cost-effective solutions in a secure environment.

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