AviSec Messaging Applications

AviSec Messaging Applications

Passenger Data Transfer

Passenger data transfer is an essential part of flight operations management and includes the collection, storage and exchange of Advance Passenger Information (API) and PNR transmission.

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Streamline passenger data transfer and manage costs with AviSec

Passenger Name Records (PNR) are required in the compilation of accurate passenger lists and API is now a mandatory requirement in the U.S., Canada and the E.U. with an increasing number of countries now following suit to ensure the utmost security for their borders.

With tighter regulatory control, increasing passenger numbers and fines for non-compliance with strict mandatory requirements of up to $5,000, it is essential for airlines to provide the necessary passenger data transfer in a timely manner, while maintaining utmost security and seamless reliability on a global scale.

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Swift facilitation of passenger data exchange with AviSec

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec offers a comprehensive solution to airlines and operators with the provision of a robust system architecture that delivers aviation data transfer typically within one second. Using industry-leading applications technology to increase efficiency and operational productivity, AviSec leverages the proven AviNet network with a successful history spanning more than 50 years.

We understand that it is crucial for airline passenger data to be transferred securely, ensuring efficient sharing with the appropriate governmental department for the country of departure and destination in order to facilitate passenger list compilation, screening and subsequent security measures for border control.

At the same time, it remains critical for airports to sustain the reliable and timely delivery of electronic flight and passenger data transfer, to ensure continual and steady flow of passengers and aircraft, maintaining maximum operational efficiency, with a strong focus upon cost effective solutions to enable continued growth within the operational framework.

AviSec messaging currently delivers more than 20 million mission-critical messages on a daily basis, for over 3,000 customers, offering seamless reliability and end-to-end security for passenger data transfer on a global scale.

Flexible pricing plans, simplified billing and multiple access options make AviSec a comprehensive solution to all your critical messaging requirements, ensuring manageable costs, easy-to-plan budgeting and backed by eighty years of pioneering industry experience.

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