Rockwell Collins Aviation Messaging Glossary of Terms

Rockwell Collins Aviation Messaging Glossary of Terms

Advanced Passenger Information System

Often a common misspelling of the Advance Passenger Information System, Advanced Passenger Information System, also acceptably known as APIS, processes the airline passenger data interchange between the airline’s computer system and the destination country’s computer system. The APIS program is recognised by commercial airlines and the international community as the industry standard for passenger processing and heightened security in the commercial air environment.

What constitutes airline passenger data?

When is Advance Passenger Information transmitted?

Within the U.S., airlines can transfer pre-departure Advance Passenger Information either by using the APIS Batch Transmission, which is required to transfer the complete data for all passengers 30 minutes before departure; or by using the APIS Quick Query mode that enables aviation data transfer as each passenger checks in in real time before boarding. For airlines travelling from outside of the U.S. bound for the U.S., the passenger and crew data is required to be transferred between 24 to 96 hours before arrival.

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Advanced Passenger Information System was established by the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency for commercial airlines and vessel operators. The passenger data interchange involves identification details from the passenger’s passport and other related flight information. Private aircraft pilots are also required to submit the necessary information to the Border Protection Agency.

The applications of AviSec for Border Management Systems.

The Advance Passenger Information System also allows the Department of Homeland Security to review passenger data before boarding; and coupling with Passenger Name Records, the government authorities are able to identify potential threats and coordinate with carriers and law enforcement to prevent the boarding of a passenger of interest.

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