Rockwell Collins Aviation Messaging Glossary of Terms

Rockwell Collins Aviation Messaging Glossary of Terms

Border Management Systems

Border management systems are in place to monitor travellers who enter and leave a country by its borders and are integral to national security on a scale that encompasses economic and political influence in addition to the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of its people.

Modern border control in an airport environment includes the careful screening of passenger baggage and secure flight passenger data. Airlines and operators are bound by the mandatory regulations of certain countries to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) in addition to PNR transmission. Failure to provide API for travellers bound for the U.S. can leave airlines facing fines of up to $5000.

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Using aviation security software integration

The integration of aviation security software into border management systems can be a key element to facilitate passenger data exchange for the enhancement of aviation security.

Border management systems rely upon swift and timely transfer of airline passenger data in order to perform efficient screening. In the UK, the Authority to Carry Requests scheme is in place to identify people who pose a potential threat to border security and the reliable transmission of API is necessary for the process to be effective.

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec for border and air transport security

AviSec allows for seamless integration of airline operations software with border management systems across the world and is proven to be the most reliable messaging system. With a reliance upon the global wide area network of AviNet, proven over more than 50 years of industry use, AviSec messaging solutions handle millions of secure transmissions every day for thousands of aviation businesses and partners.

The aviation industry, governments and border control agencies across the globe are being placed under greater pressure as passenger traffic increases and threats to national security become more common.

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More and more countries are becoming active participants in the transmission of Advance Passenger Information in a bid to increase security and monitor the movements of potential terrorist groups. There has never been a greater need for reliable passenger data exchange to facilitate this screening process.

AviSec can help airlines with integration and implementation, while allowing customers to manage the bottom line with individually tailored pricing schemes which offer a transparency that many other providers cannot deliver.

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