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Interactive Advance Passenger Information

The concept of Advance Passenger Information (API) allows governments and border security agencies to address the problem of potential threats to a country’s national security via the identification and screening of travellers prior to the departure of the flight from the originating country. API contains passenger data that can be reviewed to identify high-risk passengers.

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Real-time airline passenger data screening

Interactive API (iAPI) is a system developed to enable real-time passenger data screening and to create uniformity in the transmission of airline security data, therefore standardising the process, which in turn facilitates efficient passenger processing, minimising ground delays and improving operational productivity. Using an iAPI system allows border agencies to prevent admission of a potentially high-risk traveller to the aircraft.

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The benefits of Interactive Advance Passenger Information for airlines

When a passenger checks-in for a flight, the API data is transmitted in real-time and once processed, can return a ‘Board’ or ‘No Board’ message, giving an enhanced security procedure. This system can address the increasing needs of border security to help combat illegal migration, trafficking, smuggling and other activities associated with known high-risk travellers.

Airlines can benefit from iAPI for a number of reasons, including minimised ground delays, expedited passenger processing and the reduction of exposure to penalties that can be incurred with the transportation of inadmissible passengers.

Failure to transmit Advance Passenger Information as a mandatory requirement can result in fines for airlines of up to $5,000.

Why choose AviSec passenger data exchange solution?

Fees for iAPI transmission can be minimised with the deployment of protocol messaging services. Using Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec messaging services offers airlines the opportunity to apply for flat-rate messaging. More than 3,000 customers use AviSec, entrusting Rockwell Collins with the transmission of over 25 million messages every day.

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