AviSec Messaging Frequently Asked Questions

Rockwell Collins understand that managing immigration and emigration is an essential element of national security and a comprehensive approach to border management is required. The secure and reliable transmission of Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Records is therefore critical to facilitate smooth and efficient movement of passengers and flight crew while maintaining utmost security and, at the same time, managing costs to ensure maximum operational productivity.

AviSec solutions for critical passenger data exchange

AviSec messaging leverages the proven AviNet Wide Area Network to ensure 100% reliability in the delivery of secure flight passenger data and offers flexible, competitive pricing plans to help airlines and operators meet their critical budgeting requirements.

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AviSec supports the two main requirements of traveller intelligence:

Mandatory in the U.S. and across Europe, API is increasingly required across the world to facilitate efficient screening of airline passenger data to ensure effective border security. AviSec supports bilateral message exchange between government, border agencies and carriers to ensure comprehensive traveller management.

Using a flexible, scalable and adaptable platform with integrated messaging features and simplified pricing and billing offers airlines and operators a unique opportunity to secure the development of long-term efficiency as demands increase both in terms of government mandatory requirements and passenger numbers.

Rockwell Collins deliver the tools to ensure compliance with mandatory passenger data exchange and comprehensive solutions for mission-critical aircraft communications with Type B messaging applications – all at realistic, competitive prices.

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