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AviNet Airport Implemented at more than 100 Global Airports

It was announced today by ARINC Inc that the AviNet Airport network service is implemented at more than 100 airports across the world.

“AviNet Airport deployment is continually expanding and includes strategic airports in the European, Middle East, Asian Pacific and American regions,” said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions ARINC EMEA.  “We believe that the speedy and seamless implementation process for AviNet Airport has been the key to its extensive industry acceptance."

ARINC’s AviNet Airport service provides network services connecting airline departure control systems to passenger processing systems, incorporating dedicated and common-use terminal equipment and self-service check-in systems.

AviNet utilizes a single network connection supporting both common-use and back-office settings, regardless of protocols.  This allows airports to eliminate the associated costs of multiple, dedicated connections.

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: October 28, 2013
Category: Airline data link

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