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ARINC AviNet Data Solution chosen by CommutAir

CommutAir selected ARINC AviNet® Global Data Network Solution to meet Canada Border Security Services Agency (CBSA) for their new Data Acquisition Solution guidelines.

ARINC will perform the required message format and communications protocol conversion on behalf of the carrier. ARINC was chosen over major competitors based on product reliability, cost efficiency, technical expertise and the ability to meet CBSA implementation schedules.

Joel T. Raymond, Executive Vice President, CommutAir commented "ARINC offered us the best product at the most attractive cost," he continued "Their knowledge and reliability were critical factors in our selection process."

CommutAir provide regular flights into Toronto and between more than 20 cities throughout the Midwestern and North eastern United States. The headquarters are situated South Burlington, Vermont and their operations in Cleveland, Ohio and Newark, New Jersey.

"Our new relationship with CommutAir represents another step in the growth process for our AviNet suite of services. The ability to customize our technology to meet our clients' unique needs provides us the framework to build long and mutually beneficial relationships throughout the airline industry," said Yun Chong, ARINC Vice President, Global Networks and IT Solutions.

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: August 23, 2012
Category: Airline data link

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