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ARINC Border Security Workshop with Immigration Agency

ARINC conducted a two day border security workshop in San Jose at the beginning of August with Costa Rica’s Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería (DGME Immigration Agency).

Responsible for conducting immigration control at all ports in Costa Rica, the DGME selected ARINC in 2009 as an Advance Passenger Information System provider, based upon its product reliability, cost efficiency and technical expertise. 

Costa Rica became the first Latin American country to implement API messaging in 2006 to enhance its immigration control and monitoring capabilities.

The workshop, which was approved by Mrs Kathy Rodriguez Araica, the DGME’s Director, maintained a focus upon the positive results of the implementation of ARINC’s Aviation API system, addressing both regional and local security trends and concerns, sharing best practices and identifying areas that require further enhancement.

“The workshop proved to be extremely productive and insightful,” said Vivian Castillo, DGME’s program manager. ARINC and the DGME discussed many ideas which will enhance our border security and which we would like to implement in the near-to-mid term.”

Information about new technology trends to further improve the DGME’s border security capabilities was also discussed at the workshop with an enhanced collaboration with ARINC.  Information obtained by the DGME can be utilized to establish technical requirements for the advancement of the aviation and maritime API system.

ARINC conducts the border security workshops with each customer on an annual or semi-annual basis to stimulate ideas and broaden the vision of both the customer and ARINC in how to further enhance border security on an individual level.  The sessions are considered an essential part of ARINC’s Electronic Government (eGov) portfolio of solutions.

“ARINC is honored to have the opportunity to work closely with the DGME,” said Yun Chong, ARINC Vice President, Global Networks and IT Solutions.  “I look forward to enhancing our collaboration and playing an important role in improving Costa Rica’s immigration control.”

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: September 05, 2013
Category: Aviation security

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