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Border Security Workshops from ARINC

Focusing on major issues to impact effective border security, ARINC has announced that it has initiated a series of workshops. At the interactive workshops ARINC discusses with customers the positive results of implementing ARINC’s border security system."The ultimate goal of the workshop is to improve a country’s border security,” said Jorge Ramirez, Marketing Director of Global Networks and IT Solutions for ARINC, who is leading the sessions. “These workshops are essential for our existing customers and ideal for countries in the process of evaluating effective border security solutions.

Starting in El Salvador, the sessions are being held in countries in the Latin America and Caribbean (LATCAR) region and then will be expanded to accommodate ARINC’s worldwide customer base. The increase on border protection from illicit activities has become a major concern, and has a significant impact on both a country's national security and immigration control. The workshops are attended by senior officials and technical personnel representing various governmental agencies in the host country, as well as representatives from the aviation private sector such as airport operators, airlines, and ground handlers.

ARINC's border security solutions such as Advanced Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) form part of the ARINC Electronic Borders portfolio. The complete portfolio utilizes ARINC’s expertise in aviation, government, surface and maritime transportation, information technology, and systems integration to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solutions available.

Of the 35 countries worldwide that have implemented border security systems, ARINC is involved in working with 34 of them. Existing customers in the LATCAR region currently utilizing ARINC’s border security solutions include Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, and CARICOM (Caribbean Community) with 15 member countries.

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: March 04, 2013
Category: Aviation security

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