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Inspiring Future Innovators During Engineers Week

Rockwell Collins aim to engage with nearly 5,000 students from across the world during Engineers Week 2015.

Engineers Week is part of Rockwell Collins’ Engineering Experiences education outreach program, started at the company’s headquarters in 1991, which addresses the growing need to develop a global workforce of engineers, scientists and innovators.

Sponsored by numerous companies, the global event, which will take place February 22-28th, is designed to inspire students through hands-on experiences.

Rockwell Collins’ system engineer, Anita Adams, has volunteered her time for the activities, marking the fourth year of her involvement. Adams leads the coordination of activities for the Rockwell Collins “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” in Cedar Rapids. The event is comprised of lab tours, mentoring sessions and team-building exercises for a number of young women from area middle schools. Adams first started volunteering for the event in 2011 while working as an engineer at the company’s Melbourne, Fla., facility.

“I knew early on that I wanted to be an engineer in the aerospace industry,” said Adams. “I was overwhelmed by where to start, but once I connected with resources and mentors, my career path became very clear. Engineers Week allows me to ‘pay it forward’ and inspire, encourage and mentor young students about a challenging field that can be very rewarding.”

Eight Rockwell Collins facilities will be hosting an ‘Introduce a Girl’ event in 2015, involving nearly 500 students. In addition to Cedar Rapids, participating locations include Sterling, Va., Tustin, Calif., Melbourne, Fla., Houston, Texas, and Portland, Ore. Rockwell Collins facilities in the United Kingdom and Brazil will also be hosting events in the spring.

“The engineers of tomorrow will accomplish incredible things—things we can’t even imagine—and it all starts with exposing them to the possibilities,” said Nan Mattai, senior vice president of Engineering and Technology at Rockwell Collins. “I salute all of the Engineers Week volunteers like Anita around the world who are raising awareness of such an exciting and rewarding field.”

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: February 19, 2015
Category: Aviation events and accreditations

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