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Passenger Services Renewal for McCarran International Airport

The long-time relationship between ARINC and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas,(owned and managed by Clark County, NV) continues with a renewed contract we heard this week. Under the terms of the newly-renewed contract, ARINC will maintain and provide its BagLink RFID-based baggage messaging program, the fully-customizable vMUSE platform for Common-Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS), the Common-Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks, and the Local Departure Control Systems (DCS).

McCarran International Airport is the most technologically-advanced airport terminal in North America.  John M. Belcher ARINC Chairman and CEO, commented "We are extremely pleased to receive this comprehensive contract renewal from one of our long-standing customers and an agency that is focused on creating a dynamic future travel experience. It is critical that the more than 41 million global passengers who pass through McCarran Airport do so quickly and easily. ARINC technology makes that goal a reality."

Samuel Ingallsof Aviation Information Systems for McCarran Airport stated that "The Clark County Department of Aviation recognizes that ARINC offers significant technical expertise in passenger processing and baggage handling. Their common-use systems represent the latest in international standards and have had a measurable positive effect on passenger satisfaction, we look forward to expanding this successful arrangement that is built on trust, mutual commitment, and a sense of partnership".

The ARINC-McCarran has been ongoing sinse 1996 when ARINC installed the first fully common-use passenger processing system at a top-ten U.S. domestic airport.  The contract history includes the milestones of the implementation of the airport’s first self-boarding gates in 2011.

The implementation of ARINC technology into the airport’s new Terminal 3 marked a milestone of the long term relationship.  More than 425 ARINC-provided CUSS kiosks are operating throughout McCarran International Airport, making it one of the largest common-use self-service check-in airports in the world. ARINC systems ensure that no-matter whether passengers choose to use traditional check-in processes or take advantage of new solutions for self-tagging their own baggage and self-boarding at the gate, airport operators receive and integrated and comprehensive passenger management process.

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: August 20, 2012
Category: Airline data link

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