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Five-year Passenger Processing Agreement with Heathrow AOC

Heathrow AOC Ltd, through the AOC Shared Systems Board, has awarded Rockwell Collins, through its recent acquisition of ARINC, a five-year contract that will place the latest ARINC vMUSETM Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) in LHR’s four common-use terminals.

“As one of the world’s busiest airports, Heathrow must utilize the most effective passenger processing technologies available,” said chairman of the AOC Shared Systems Board, David P. Wilding. “The ARINC system enables us to meet the needs of our member airlines by improving the efficiency and flexibility of passenger processing, which ultimately enables us to provide the best customer service possible.”

As part of the agreement, LHR, one of the worlds’ busiest airports and users of the ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE) platform in Terminals 1, 2 and 3 since 1999, will now upgrade those terminals to vMUSE, and install a new vMUSE system in terminal 4. The planned vMUSE implementation will support up to 300 dedicated back office workstations and more than 1,500 common-use workstations.

The company’s implementation of vMUSE supports the latest CUPPS standards, offers airlines and airports new efficiencies and savings, and by including vMUSE Enterprise(tm), extends CUPPS support to off-site locations and wireless devices. Scalable for any size airport or airline, vMUSE is engineered to support emerging technologies including leading-edge bag management systems and baggage drop.

“We’ve been working with LHR for many years, and are delighted that the AOC has decided to renew and expand its relationship with us,” said executive director, Heathrow for Rockwell Collins’ Information Management Services business, Tony Chapman. “As passenger traffic continues to grow, we remain committed to providing airlines and airports of all sizes with the most efficient solutions available to meet passenger demands.”

Information Management Services

Rockwell Collins’ Information Management Services (IMS) business, formed after Rockwell Collins acquired ARINC Incorporated in 2013, enables mission-critical data and voice communications and management throughout the world. The company’s products and services are used in over 100 airports worldwide to meet the dual challenges of steady growth in the number of air travelers and ever-increasing security measures. IMS includes airport communications and information systems designed to ease congestion and improve airport efficiency via airline agent and passenger-facing check-in, baggage, boarding and access control solutions; voice and data communication services; and comprehensive business aviation flight support services. More information is available at

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Published by: Rockwell Collins
Date Published: March 25, 2014
Category: Airline data link

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