Commercial Costs for AviSec Aviation Data Transfer

Across the world, requirements are increasing for mandatory passenger data exchange in order to strengthen border security, and this in turn places more pressure upon airlines and operators to comply, yet manage continually rising aviation data transfer costs.

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Why choose AviSec to help manage aviation security data?

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviSec messaging solution offers flexible pricing plans in order for airlines, airports and operators to manage these spiralling costs in a number of ways:

  • Flat monthly rate – Flights per Month (FPM)
  • Price per flight
  • Total flat rate of iAPP
  • Individually tailored plans and simplified billing

AviSec brings more than 80 years of experience in the aviation industry with Rockwell Collins’ ARINC acquisition and recognises the need to balance the budget without any compromise on the service. Our leading aviation security software solutions can meet your requirements and your mandatory obligations with secure, reliable and swift delivery of interactive Advance Passenger Information, Authority to Carry requests and PNR transmission, typically within one second.

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Compliance with mandatory airline data transfer requirements

The provision of Advance Passenger Information is currently mandatory for travellers to the U.S. and this trend is fast spreading throughout the E.U. as more governments and border agencies strive to secure border control and limit the travel arrangements of persons of interest.

In order to maintain global security, the provision of interactive Advance Passenger Information enables government departments to quickly identify high-risk passengers, which in turn expedites the passenger processing system for low-risk travellers.

Airlines face fines of up to $5,000 for failure to provide mandatory information to the U.S. Homeland Security and border control agencies. Failing to comply simply cannot be an option and AviSec offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

How can flat rate pricing save money on airline data transfer costs?

With an agreed monthly rate, based upon the average number of flights, the AviSec pricing structure can help to create transparency within airline budgeting. The unpredictability of other providers’ cost-per-character systems can complicate budget forecasts, making it difficult to manage aviation data transfer expenses.

AviSec’s simplified flat-rate pricing structure and billing system encompasses all airline security data requirements, including the Advance Passenger Information System and PNR transmission via batch flight manifests. This gives operators a clear, unimpeded view of the messaging environment and a better understanding of cost management, offering clarity, month-after-month and enabling subsequent budgeting for airlines and operators that has been historically volatile and unpredictable.

AviSec consistently delivers your critical passenger data exchange requirements, simplifying the process while maintaining the integrity of the information with seamless reliability.

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Let us show you, with a free messaging audit, how much you could save with an individually tailored pricing plan, based upon your messaging requirements and average number of flights. Whether you operate a fleet of commercial aircraft or a single executive business jet, AviSec airline operations software solutions can be tailored to your needs.

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